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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

creative home in the kitchen.

creative home in the kitchen.

Ok So forget about just cooking in the kitchen I'd say this is probably the most creative room in our house. At this table ideas are formed, inspiration is had and many future plans decided.

Its a place where the paints come out, there are crayons and felt pens and paper on hand so that colouring can happen at any given moment.

There is many a pot of tea consumed here or a mug of hot chocolate or coffee. There are tears dried, laughter and jokes told, homework done, magazines and books read, lists written calendars marked and generally life's little problems ironed out.

And at meal times its a place where there is often much noise and patience learnt, as we try to persuade our children that finishing their dinner is a much better plan or else no pudding. Its a place that we are grateful its a place where we say Grace, often the children will all want a turn at this which brings us so much joy. Its good for our kids to learn thankfulness.

Sometimes our kitchen is a dance floor and thats not just the kids! with all kinds of music playing in the background or the radio playing away.

But most of all its the hub of our home its where all the good smells of cooking and bakes come from, along with the smell of laundry. Its where the often dirty shoes get kicked off somehow not making their way into the shoe basket. And where Davinder is greeted by excited children when he comes home from a busy day at work.

As I said in our last creative home post we love collecting things and displaying them around the home. I had collected a number of vintage tea plates and wanted to display them in a way that we could enjoy.

I came across these fantastic plate discs on amazon, I purchase a selection pack of various sizes and fixed them to each plate. The plate disc has a really strong adhesive which becomes tacky when you add water to it, just using your finger to move it about. You leave them for around 10 Minutes by which point they become very gloopy. Then you place the discs onto the back of the plate with the ring placed in the right direction for displaying.

You leave them to set and then you are ready to hang them on the wall, should you decide you no longer want the plate hanging on the wall you can soak the plate in hot soapy water and the glue will dissolve away.

Then you can decide on your arrangement and either map it out on the wall, or roughly in front of you on a table if your feeling confident. I had already painted the wall as a surprise for Davinder when he was away with work, I used a Laura Ashley shade duck egg, I must admit in my hast to finish the paint job I was slightly disappointed with the colour I had expected it to be a little darker for a duck egg, but there was no time to waste I had to push the furniture back to rights before he was home. Turned out he rather liked it so we've lived with it, but I have to admit I am tempted for a colour change soon. Perhaps next time he is away!

I had a friend suggest a mirror at the far end of our dining table so I taped out that space until I could find the right thing I was looking for. 

we happily lived with this tape for some time until I could find just the right mirror I had visualised, and continued to add to the wall as time went on. I love the little glass framed french chocolatier postcard edged in metal with a chain, we bought this in the French town of Normandy some years ago.

At last we found the mirror and it turned out to be a bit of a bargain from home base and not the vintage one I had expected to find. But I do think it has a lovely vintage look. 

I kind of like to mix things up a bit and I love the idea of words around the home so I painted this fun Love sign using a simple Neon paint.

It took a couple of attempts to get this how I wanted it, but really the faster you go with the brush the more fluid it will look. best to practice with a marker pen first so you get the scale right.

Framed in a simple black frame I really love the way it looks on our wall and it took very little time to create. With Valentines day fast approaching maybe you could make one for your home.

After adding one splash of neon I felt like we needed a little bit more I found some fantastic stripe curtains from John Lewis. I had been hunting about for some time to buy fabric for the french doors but had not found anything within budget. I had wanted a simple stripe or floral but nothing too strong in colour since these are not an item you can change frequently. I needed to hem them a little so whilst I did that I also decided to give them a fun neon trim.

I love the pompom trims that are so readily available now. This one I picked up in hobby craft. Its a lovely neon lime and it gives a fresh pop to these simple curtains. It is a hand stitch job so you need to set aside a good light evening or day to get on with it. I say hand stitch because you might one day decide you are done with pompoms, and at least you won't have ruined your curtains by machine stitching into them. I also wondered if the pompoms would survive my kids pulling on them as they rushed through the doors every day but so far so good no lost pompoms as yet.

Was so thrilled how they turned out and they look so quirky and fun.

I found this fantastic New York Picture at a car boot sale for 50p bargain! I put it in a frame from ikea and again it looks great on our eclectic wall. Davinder and I met and worked in New York so this picture has meaning to us. The freedom tower in the image is new to us though, when we lived there it was Twin Towers which as we remember well were destroyed on that terrible day in September. I like this picture because it represents the city moving on and rising above the challenge of that memory.

As busy parents it is hard to keep on top of the clutter of three children sometimes you just have to relax about it and enjoy the very lived in look. Who cares if there are a few wellies and shoes scattered at the back door.

I found this lovely little thing in a vintage shop in Market Harborough. Vintage on Abbey street No.1. they sell a collective mixture of up cycled and vintage things and they represent lots of different sellers, so there is always lots of variety when you visit. You Can find them on Facebook.

If you are in the Leicestershire area this shop is worth a visit and there are also many more individual shops to visit besides this one.

We Have now added a clock to the wall so there is no reason to be late out of the door. 

I was really happy with this vintage style glass light from John lewis and the giant LED bulb is really attractive unlike some of the energy saving bulbs. It also gives off a great light.

Well I hope this post has inspired you to think about displaying a few plates on the wall or mixing things up a little with this eclectic look.

You will notice that these pictures have been taken over a few months and thats the key thing to remember, just built up your look over time. You don't need to rush out and buy everything from one store just let it evolve its better that way.

Happy creative home making.

Caroline x















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