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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Creative Home

Creative Home

When you step into our home I think its pretty clear that we have a love of all things Textiles and colour. Our home is always evolving with various new features or a new arrangement of cushions. Pictures on the wall often change, we currently have some lovely scarfs and indian textiles framed on the wall. The red piece in the middle is a simple Scandinavian inspired embroidered cloth I loved it so much I had to frame it. The throw on the back of the couch changes all the time we bought this one when we visited Ibiza this past summer.

When friends visit they will often say "whats changed in here?" its often so subtle. Then there are the times I just get a bee in my bonnet about moving all the large pieces of furniture around, just to see if it might work better that way. The most frustrating moments are when I realise it was better left the way it was.

This cushion has to be one of my favourites, I deliberated for weeks about what fabric choice to go for, and this beautiful oil painted floral design was top of my list. It's by Designers Guild so you know right there it had a high price tag per metre. This is one of those moments when I can justify the spend because I got just one metre and was able to make two beautiful cushions for half the price it would have cost me if I had bought designer cushions pre-made.

I love the way that this cushion works so well against this fun geometric black and white Ikea cushion and my Yellow trellis design cushion I made from Villa Nova fabric.

I made this simple roman blind from Villa Nova fabric, it has a great heavy weight so works well for both blinds and regular draped curtains. I've got to have these tulips to beckon spring, despite the snow this past weekend I am trying to encourage the spring indoors at least.

In our home we have hundreds of inspiring books and design inspiration, in this image just a few of our favourites such as Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor (we love his blog by the way). The gentle art of domesticity by Jane Brocket. Cath Kidston In Print is another beautiful book.

We also have a habit of collecting all kinds of interesting items such as this wonderful indian printers block and these old milk bottles that make great vases.

Our love of colour is evident all around or home especially with this bright yellow statement wall we made this our family wall filling it with pictures of this kids at various ages and family outings. Already Davinder is itching to change this wall and add some fresh pictures so watch this space!

Above all our home is a family place where the kids can feel relaxed and we are not too precious about all these things, yes I might ask them to put the cushions straight when they have finished diving all over the couch, but this is a place to call home this room is where we have stories love and laughter.

Its a place where we fall to sleep and enjoy cuddles and quiet time.

But probably more mad crazy noisy time with fun and games and shouting.

I love my family so much. We love seeing how our creativity rubs off on our kids in very different ways each of them having their own individual way of expressing themselves. They are all unique and thats all part of the fun of raising them. 

Having nice designs in the home can be a really positive thing and encourages children to enjoy design, colour and art. I think it helps their sense of imagination and broadens their minds about appreciating art and design when we are out and about.

So don't be afraid to fill your home with colour and don't be too precious about having a perfectly styled home just have pieces you enjoy and mix it up a bit, we all have a creative side to us in some form or another so go ahead and enjoy it.

Happy home making

Caroline x





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