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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Buttons and stripes

Buttons and stripes

Hi Guys,

Well it feels like we took a bit of a break there with the happy blogging, but fear not we have been planning the next year and we are so excited to share all our posts and creative ideas with you.

Kicking off this year with Stripes! Gotta tell you all stripes don't go away and that makes me so happy because we love them. It has been noted that we as a family will often end up heading out the door and someone will notice that we all ended up wearing stripes.

Some time ago Davinder bought me a lovely selection of ceramic and shell buttons, as did my Brother and sister-in-law, it seems they know me very well since these kind of gifts are so me.

Sometimes buttons are a strange thing we want to buy them then just fill a button jar only to get them out occasionally to look at or in my case often laying them out for the kids to play with, yes really thats a blog post right there! 

I decided these buttons were too beautiful to stow away and I wanted to do something lovely with them. So I headed of to our local shops to find a suitable garment to decorate and stripes it was. This lovely simple nautical stripe cardigan was the perfect match for the idea in my head.

I love the fact that this cardigan has a plain navy section across the top and it made a perfect ground for lots of buttons and embroidery. It's always my idea to create something a little bit different from the average high street purchase, customising is such a fun way to take something fairly ordinary and affordable and make it look unique and a little more upmarket.

Before you start to stitch on this kind of garment you need to stabilise the fabric on the back as it  is a knit and will have a lot of stretch, if you didn't do this, your design would start to pucker. So just roughly cut some interfacing to use as a backing I've used an iron on one but you could use a sticking one or sew in type interfacing. The piece of interfacing does not need to be perfectly cut so long as it covers all the area you want to stitch.

Then its time for the fun to begin selecting your colours and designing your layout. You could sketch this out, but often I like to get straight to it and just see as I go. I always have a clear idea in my head, but if you are not used to doing a project like this then I would recommend  doing a little design sketch first.

It can help to look at embroidery books or fashion magazines to get an image established for your design, most importantly you just have to have fun with it and enjoy playing with the colours.

Using a plain button for a flower centre works really well and this can be a great starting point then you can build your design out from there.

Gradually build up your design until you are happy with the look.

Taking your design up to the neck binding and changing a button on the cardigan can give it extra flair.

Adding some stitching to the cuff just on one edge can also add a lovely detail to your design.

There you have it the finished design. If you can stitch a button on you can make a design similar to this. Even if you are not an accomplished embroider, just adding a few buttons or changing some buttons you could give something in your wardrobe a new lease of life.

I was pretty happy when Davinder pointed out this article to me from this months February issue of Vogue magazine, that cardigans were the star of the show in this seasons catwalks. Personally I've always been a fan of the humble cardigan but seeing it in vogue gives me that extra trend boost. 

So knowing I'm on trend with my embellished cardigan and my stripes I'm all set with this creative project.

Why not get your button jar out this week and get creative with some old cardigan or get shopping and buy a new cardigan and get decorating.

Happy stitching everyone.

Caroline x

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