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customising cute vest tops

customising cute vest tops

Hi Guys We hope you have had a great summer and are feeling ready for the autumn days to begin we've already noticed a few leaves beginning to turn and fall.

So you may be wondering "Where have we been all summer?" Having fun of course, travelling and enjoying family time.

Now our attention has turned to sharing with you all some of the fun we've been up to so just hold on to summer a little longer and enjoy these up and coming blog posts.

We got to travel to Ibiza at the very start of the summer break. For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram will know that I was doing a little bit of creative preparation with my daughters wardrobe before we left.

So in todays post I wanted to share with you just how you can transform some plain little vests into some wonderful colourful fun designs. The Ibiza backdrop was the perfect place to show off this fun project.

To begin with I bought this 4 pack of simple vest tops from Next and decided to give each one a transformation by customizing each vest to make it totally unique. Thats what I love about the creative process at home you can make something that nobody else has. People pay hundreds of pounds to have something exclusive, so to be able to do this for myself is so much fun. With a little bit of inspiration I'm sure you could do this to.

When you want to customise something with an appliqué design its always best to sketch it out first, I then cut out each section of fabric using a type of iron on paper backed material often called bonda web or fuse web, its like a tracing paper with an iron on glue backing. Once you have drawn out all the elements to your design you iron them to your chosen fabric, then cut out and peel the paper backing away. You can then lay out your final design on the choosen garment and iron into place. 

Although this process adds some stability to your chosen fabric I always use an interfacing on the inside of the garment, especially if it is made of a stretch fabric, this will add the stability you need to confidently appliqué without all the lumps and bumps and there should be no stretching of your garment.


Once the design is set in place with the bonda web you are able to make a lovely neat job of the satin stitching and your appliqué will look great. 

Naomi loves this parrot appliqué design and it looks great with her Zara kids floral shorts. You may have noticed in Naomi's painting session with her Daddy in the previous blog post that she loves parrots and painted a beautiful image.

I also wanted to add a bit of sparkle so hand stitched lots of sequins to the final design.


This design was one of the more simple ideas to do. Its so effective and you can have lots of fun with different trims. I stitched the trims on by machine but even if you don't have a sewing machine you could easily hand stitch them on. Again don't forget to stabilise the inside of the garment where you are stitching with interfacing

Here is a close up of the simple stitched trims, I just love the pom pom trim it makes it look fun and you can get this trim in a variety of colours. Rick rack trim has been around for years and I have always loved using it whenever possible and again it can be found in so many shades.

This vest was my favourite design in fact I need to make myself one.  It looked great with Naomi's Ikat design skirt from next.

As you can see from the image above I used an old vintage lace doily and stitched the panel onto the vest. I folded the panel around the neckline and pinned it all in place then stitched with the sewing machine. I also wanted to make sure it looked neat inside the neckline so I covered the cut lace edge with some smooth bias binding tape which worked well around the curve of the neck.

There is a little patience required to make a design like this stitching all the tiny beads in place but as you follow this blog you'll get to know I am in the detail and love to spend time working on these kinds of projects.

This design was fun I just created a bold leafy pattern and added shapes until I was happy with the layout of the design. 

You'll see with this detailed picture that I have used combinations of stitching and built up layers of appliqué you can always mix things up and experiment. If in doubt about how confident you feel to do this test out on a trial piece of fabric.

I would say if you want to have a go at this fun project perhaps get an old t shirt and test out your stitching techniques both hand and machine before working on your final garment. you could also buy a ready made motif from a craft shop to start of with and build it up from there. Whatever you do just have fun with it and enjoy experimenting, don't give up if your first design turns out to be a bit of a disaster just start again or try a different method. You may feel more confident to begin with hand stitching before trying out the sewing machine.

If you have any issues why not shout up on our Facebook page and we'll be happy to help you out with practical advice.

Hope this project has inspired you to get sewing.

Have fun and share your pics with us.

Happy customizing 

Caroline x





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