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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Hippy Market Fun

Hippy Market Fun

This summer we visited Ibiza and the one place we really wanted to go during our stay was the famous Hippy Market held in the grounds of club Punta Arabi in Es Cana. Its been going for over 40 years and is now the largest weekly market in Ibiza.

It was not much more than a 20 min walk from where we were staying in Cala Pada. A bright early morning start was needed to take advantage of the cooler morning and we set off along the beautiful coastal path.

With not far to go we were ready to shop, with our empty bags hoping to fill with great finds and our cameras to capture plenty of inspiration.

Once you arrive in the market you are met with some interesting sights, throw this crazy guy a Euro and he might just move or give you a wave. How he was able to bear the heat dressed this way I have no idea, it must have been worth his while.

The market was such a lively crowded place so we did need to give our kids the talk about staying close and holding our hand. 

It was not long till a purchase was made and apart from being beautiful these painted fans were a practical must have. It did get very hot walking around the stalls. I loved the fact that the market organisers used water hoses to cool the pathways between stalls and were happy to hose our feet as we passed them by. We did also have some relief from the shade of the pine trees and stall canopies.


Heres Naomi showing off her fan, so beautifully painted.


Beautiful embroidery.


Looking back at these pictures I wish I had bought more I love the bright colours of this embroidered bag and the wonderful pompom trims. Certainly I will take more cash on our next visit here.

Both Davinder and I loved this stall selling beautiful tapestry work bags by Dona Claudia Ibiza. We have yet to find the Facebook page she told us was about to start but we intend to write a more detailed blog on her stall as it was so great. Hopefully she will get her work out there on the web soon.


I loved these scarves so much we tried to bring the sellers price down as he was charging way too much for them, he was not interested in any kind of bartering as most stall holders are so we walked away. At least we got plenty of pictures to inspire us. More images to follow in future blogs.

There was so much print everywhere we loved these throws.

Everything was a mass of colour.

Sunglasses anyone?


These hair bands are a popular item in Ibiza, we saw them everywhere. They look so pretty hung together like this.

So that is literally just a little flavour from the Hippy Market look out for some more posts in the coming days. The Market has so much entertainment and its so exciting to walk around, we took so many picture we thought it best to break our blog posts down. Looking forward to sharing more with you all soon.

Caroline x



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