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Soap stories

Soap stories

I don't know about you but Davinder and I go crazy for beautifully designed packaging, and these days there are so many lovely products out there that have stunning designs wrapped around them.

One of my favourite things are soap packages, they are often so pretty to display and look at. Sometimes if they are so perfectly wrapped they may never get used.  When I do eventually use one of these soaps for the first time its savoured for a very special evening devoted to a lovely Bath and pampering with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

I have selected a few favourites for you to look at and inspire you. Most of these soaps have been gifts from Davinder to me or vice versa, often a gift from his travels or a as part of a birthday gift.

Soaps are fantastic gifts to give as small tokens of thanks or even put out for guests who visit for a few days. Most of my soaps get stored away among my folded clothes in my draws, its always lovely to pull on a favourite t shirt and realise its been resting with a beautifully scented soap for a few weeks and the fragrance goes with you all day.

As you read our blog over the coming weeks you will begin to realise how much we love the detail in life and the detail in other peoples creativity, learning to appreciate all the small things means that the grand designs don't over shadow them. 

I hope this blog will help you to feel inspired and you might treat yourself to some simple soap.

Enjoy. x

We Love Crabtree & Evelyn and this beautiful Men's traditional shaving soap is a fantastic gift. www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk

Avoca are an Irish based family business and honestly if I get the chance to re visit Ireland I am so there, the website is delightful and the shop looks stunning. If you like colour you will really appreciate the vast range of brightly coloured woven throws and knits. Go check them out and if you can only afford a token item from their store buy a beautiful soap. Also look out for UK stockists such as John Lewis and local privately run gift shops.                                 www.avoca.com

What can I say you already know if you read our first blogpost how much we love this place and this design is classic Liberty. You will find this design on everything including fabric by the metre. This soap has an amazing lasting Lavender scent and it smells like the real deal. www.liberty.co.uk

The English do pretty well with their soaps but hey so do the French and this packaging is simply stunning, I had to show you the small bag it came in, despite it being a little crumpled now. This is a box I can never throw away, it was a gift from Davinder from Paris.    www.fragonard.com

L'Occitane is one of my favourite shops just a small cheer for the French again they do fragrance and design so well. I love how this actual soap is also so pretty to look at with the embossed floral, no water is going near this for now anyway.                                                     uk.loccitane.com

I got this soap as a little treat for myself actually not sure of the company but its another french soap and it sits on a shelf in our downstairs loo and looks pretty.

I have to include this soap its from one of my favourite places to visit 'Chatsworth House' if you have never been you really should go its a stunning house. This packaging design is taken from one of the original hand painted wall paper designs brought to Chatsworth in the 1830's this Chinese design has not lost anything in style from then to this present day. If you get to visit look out for this room all four walls are decorated in this grand pattern. www.chatsworth.org

love these mini guest soaps and Nougat make some really pretty floral designs these are perfect to scatter into your drawers.  www.nougatlondon.co.uk

Happy soap shopping xx


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