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Autumnal day at Wimpole Estate

Autumnal day at Wimpole Estate

So its the 1st of December and it feels very much like Christmas is on its way. Its beautifully sunny outside today and its making me reflect on this past autumn and just how lovely it has been.

I would love to share with you today a beautiful place we visited not that long ago and I'd recommend it to anyone with children, as we had so much outdoor fun as a family and plenty to enjoy in the beautiful home open to the public.

This was one of those days where the colours of changing leaves were stunning and there was plenty of autumnal treasure to collect, conkers, acorns, pinecones and a stack of beautiful leaves. The sky was blue and the sun was shining with just enough chill in the air to wrap up a little but not so cold that we could not enjoy an outdoor picnic.

Wimpole Estate is a national trust property and if you have followed our blog so far you will know how much we love visiting these places.

As you enter there is a lovely courtyard with plants for sale and gift shops toy shops and the always a favourite second hand book shop.

Then you can take a walk around the grounds and vast gardens surrounding the home, with all the changes in nature, there is nothing more our kids could want but to enjoy the space to run around and spot various things along the way. 

Our family have had so much enjoyment from being National Trust members and it is so worth it for great family days out, its especially worth it if you are holidaying in the Uk and want to plan plenty of affordable visits. 

Our budding photographer Naomi taking a few pictures at the plant stall.

Caleb with some of his conker collection, he literally filled his pockets and mine and Daddies pockets with these things.

Joshua making some rather noisy music with these metal pipes that were just waiting to be played.

You may notice our kids wearing different outfits in these pictures and you'd be right, we loved this place so much we visited again this autumn with my parents. Here are our kids running about on the bowling and croquet green. with the beautiful house in the background. Just remember that the house is closed every Friday so don't visit and be disappointed, but believe me there is plenty besides the house to do here.

On our first visit we did go inside the magnificent house.

One thing I love about National trust properties is that children are made to feel most welcome. They are free within reason to explore and enjoy and there are often details around the houses especially for the kids. like these fun floor cushion to crash out on the floor and take in the view of the ornate ceiling.

Honestly Caleb is not really asleep here!

But the view was worth lying down to look at.

This is a very pink room we were drawn to the lovely vintage floral on the chairs so pretty with the honeysuckle.

Our favourite room in the whole house was this immense library not sure quite how many books there were but I'm sure a lot of them would have just been for show back in the day. Naomi wishes she could have a library like this as she loves her books.

Caleb taking a moment to fill out his treasure hunt trail around the house, another way that national trust so willingly accommodate children so they can enjoy the house as much as grown ups.

Joshua preferred to run around the gardens whilst Naomi and Daddy took pictures of the amazing Dahlia and other plants.

You would think that we had exhausted everything there was to do here but there was more fun to be had on the estates farm, a small extra fee for national trust members but not overpriced and certainly worth it for the fun the kids had.

Who knew that a load of hay bales could be so much fun! Time for a cuppa as we watched them play.

cute little piglets on the farm

visiting the rabbits.

Naomi practicing her milking skills thankfully not on a real cow!

I think Little Joshua was quite worn out by the end of our day here, It was so fun filled and exciting for the kids pretty sure they all dozed off in the car on the way home.

We took hundreds of pictures here and felt really inspired for all kinds of craft and design inspiration, so if you are looking for a fun place to go and don't live too far from Cambridgeshire then you really should take a visit.

Thank you national trust you don't disappoint.

caroline x

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